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Selection Box of Mini Soaps

Selection Box of Mini Soaps


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Who needs chocolate when you can have a selection box of beautifully scented Soap Daze Mini Soaps. 

Each gift box will contain four Mini Soaps of your choice, there are twelve scents to choose from so you can pick the perfect combination. They will come in a lovely gift box too, so wrapping will be easy peasy! (See pics for inspo and examples!)

How it works:

Place your order for the number of boxes that you would like.

In the comments box when you place your order, please list the four soaps per box, that you would like to include, or if you would prefer for us to choose, please leave the comment box blank.

Choose from:

Oatmylk (unscented, great for skin conditions)

Lemongrass & Patchouli (sherbert-like citrus scent)

Cedarwood & Grapefruit (warm earthy scent)

New Rose (sweet floral scent)

Lavender & Orange (calming and sweet and a best seller)

Lemon & Lime (zingy, citrus scents)

Bergamot & Neroli (sweet intense scent)

Coffee & Raw Cacao (warm spicy aroma)

Ginger & Mandarin (added - poppy seeds to give texture and a mild exfoliation)

Tea Tree & Spirulina (medicinal, earthy, herbaceous aroma) 

Frankincense (scent reminiscent of pine forests, a sweet and woody)

Black Pepper & Ginger (sweet, woody spicy aroma with added ground turmeric)